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how the resurrection justifies us

Thank you all for your insights on how we are justified by Jesus’ resurrection.  I don’t have much to add, except to point to I. Howard Marshall’s fine chapter on this topic in his recent book, Aspects of the Atonement … Continue reading

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another Easter thought

This came up yesterday in class:  Romans 4:25 says that Jesus was “raised for our justification” and 1 Corinthians 15:17 says that if Jesus is not raised then we are still in our sins.  Paul seems to have more in … Continue reading

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a thought for Sunday

I just finished this RBC devotional last week, and though it isn’t quite ready for prime time, I thought that its content might provoke some thoughts in a sermon this Sunday, or at least give you something to preach against.  Easter … Continue reading

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everything is dummer in michigan

Yes, I misspelled that on purpose.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you probably live near me. Today’s Grand Rapids Press contained an article on the difficulty of walleye to thrive in the Muskegon River.  I’m sure there … Continue reading

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Bavinck on the exclusivity of grace

Herman Bavinck includes this important footnote in his Reformed Dogmatics, 3:491-92.  It comes from Max Müller in a speech he gave at the turn of the twentieth century.  “I may say that for 40 years, as at the University of … Continue reading

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a good book on the good book

I just spent my morning reading a splendid summary of the contemporary debates surrounding Scripture, and I like it so much that I’m going to use it as a textbook for my class on prolegomena.  The book is Ancient Word, … Continue reading

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now I see

In Joe Stowell’s excellent talk on Monday, he distinguished between the Greek terms for good, agathos and kalos.  He said that agathos meant something like moral purity and kalos meant acts of service.  He illustrated the difference by saying that … Continue reading

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